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Guy Trys to Jump Welland Canal with Car

From the St. Catharines Standard:

“A St. Catharines driver tried to jump the Homer Bridge Tuesday while it was being raised, police say.

When the driver realized the attempt was failing, he escaped from the car before it plunged into the Welland Canal.

The canal was closed for several hours so the Buick LeSabre could be fished from the shipping lane.

Police said the driver was not injuured, but “unhelpful with respect to how his vehicle ended up in the water.”

Officers were called to the bridge just after 7 a.m. by a witness who saw the car fall into the water between Locks 2 and 3.

After interviewing witnesses, police said they believe the driver was speeding east on Queenston Street towards the Homer Bridge. At the same time, the bridge was being raised to allow a freighter to travel through the canal.

Police said witnesses saw the Buick accelerate rapidly, despite a warning siren, red warning lights and the raising bridge.

It crashed through the warning gate and sped up on the bridge.

As the bridge continued to rise, police said “gravity took over” and the vehicle stopped, then started to slide backwards.

The driver jumped out of the car as it rolled down the bridge, through a gap in the canal wall and into the water.

The retrieved car had a smashed front window and its back end was dented.”

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5 Responses
  1. Diet Pills says:

    What is with people in trying to do these stunts. Your other post close call was just as bad. Why do people even try to get away with those things, you would think that the terror and dangerous factor would be enough to deter people. I guess not.

  2. Jordan says:

    they should aresst him

  3. car auctions says:

    That is what you get from watching too much action movies. Lol, something that I would never do, not unless, he was in an emergency. but, nahh, not enough excuse to try to jump a river.

  4. fey` says:

    The city should put a statue of this man up at the entrance to this bridge to honor his brave soul

  5. me here says:

    Actually, author, its “tries” not “trys”. Its a bit embarassing to see That bad spelling.

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