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Guy Pees on a Ferrari at Pen Centre

Here is a YouTube video I found of a guy peeing on a Ferrari in St. Catharines. The things people do when they’re bored.

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6 Responses
  1. Zoro6000 says:

    im still laughing… And i would still be laughing if it was me… in jail… lol

  2. Ferrari 430 says:

    Man i would be sooo ticked off if anyone peed on my car. especially one so priceless. you think his insurance will cover it! lol!

  3. that poor car! at least it wasn’t a lamborghini.

  4. Aston says:

    Thats a good thing this guy got charged for doing this. This is the same reason why I dont park my maserati at the mall because there are always people who want to destroy anything nice that you may have.

  5. Nick says:

    I’m glad he was busted. Why do you have to pee on someone else his property?

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