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Forcing residents to shovel snow bad idea

Recently the city council had indicated that they would come door to door asking people to bring a shovel and help clear the sidewalks of snow. This stunt that would help to lower costs to cover snow plows and road salt distributions. Residents were outraged when they heard they were being ‘Forced’ to march outside and contribute to city hall. It was definitely a bad move by the city council. Where most costs are being spent on clearing the main roads and school routes, the public does not want to cut those services off. The issue is too much of a reliability and the liability of residents to perform that duty may fall short. That’s something we don’t want to see. Courts have been upheld that residents are not responsible for clearing snow and actions to do so are a personal choice or of that of the city’s duty. If a homeowner were to clear the snow from their sidewalk and a passer had fallen injured due to the ice, the city would get sued and not the home owner.

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