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mypelhamThe Pelham community is in the process of becoming a fully connected on-line neighbourhood called ““. For both Pelham residents and visitors alike, the developers of, are aiming to make the web portal a one stop source for all aspects relating to life, work and entertainment in the Town of Pelham. is a joint venture project of Tiger Eye Solutions, a boutique marketing company operated by Pelham-based real estate broker, Cathy Berkhout-Bosse and local web designer, Melissa Wells, owner of Ex Nihilo Web Designs.

“We are not simply creating a website”, Berkhout-Bosse clarifies, “we are establishing a social enterprise – a co-operative business model that provides long term economic development and tourism benefit to all community members while also generating sufficient advertising revenue to be a self-sustaining entity that limits the potential tax burden of Town promotion.

According to the joint venture partners, Pelham, as a small rural municipality, does not have the support of an economic development office to provide this essential community information service. They anticipate that as more and more organizations and community groups begin to share content, the site will attract a growing user base and local businesses will in turn benefit by having the opportunity to cost-effectively advertise their services and sales events to a loyal target market audience.

Thanks to the outstanding level of support already received from Pelham residents and business owners, is fast becoming the fully integrated and inclusive on-line neighbourhood. The website is another local internet resource that helps to promote the value of our vibrant Niagara lifestyle each and every day.

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