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Dr.Moody’s Side Of The Story

Here is an update to the post from back in November called Man Flips Out On Street. He says he was the victim, they were attacking him and calling him names.

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3 Responses
  1. Dennis says:

    First of all, that little guy was fearing for his life after being pulled out of his car, the last thing he’s going to do is call that guy the “N word”.

    Secondly, the dentist says he was punched while in the car. It looked more like a tap on the shoulder “hey man, can you please get out of my car”.

    Lastly, the girl shoved him because he was in her personal space.

    If Dr.Moody was such a victim, then why did he get mad that the news crew was taping him? Wouldn’t he want that as evidence? This guy is a complete lier.

  2. ijg says:

    *** Racist Comment Removed by Administrator ***

  3. Lisa says:

    what the hell she didn’t run into his hand you can see him just shove her and the only reason she pushed him was because he was to close to her and of course her brother is going to protect her i don’t blame him but the guy that pushed her need some anger managment and fast honestly WTF is his problem

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