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Dragon Ritual Drummers

On Feb 12th on Queen Street the Dragon Ritual Drummers will be returning home to where they first originated, Niagara Falls. The group performs unlike any ordinary band at a restaurant or pub, it is a more festival suited interactive display, that will be playing on Friday at the 4555 Cafe & Wine Bar. Although they originated in Niagara Falls, the group has never played here before; but with the downtown’s developing art scheme, it seemed like the right time to return. The group’s inspiration by a mythical ideal of a mystical dragon’s spirit residing within the Falls and their albums telling stories of the serpent. Scoring at the top on MySpace music charts all over North America for particular Afrobeat and Topical. The Dragon Ritual Drummers will be performing two days before valentines, and within this interactive performance, a King and Queen will be chosen from the audience, as this group expresses the spirituality of this festival through music and art.

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  1. Victoria says:

    After just spending a weekend in Niagara Falls we where very sorry to see that Queen Street which had an article in the silver & Gold magazine was all under construction, nothing was open on Friday night (and this the beginning of the US long weekend) It appears once again that the powers to be…government…. are not making a commitment to getting this completed due to the fact of noise during the day and the court house being in the area! Did they not know this before they started this huge undertaking? usually go hand in hand? The lost of revenue due to this must be quite outstanding, not to mention the possibility of businesses having to close and lay off staff due to lack of revenue being generated due to lack of tourists. Another issue was no advertisments of anykind in the Niagara Falls area on this street…why? When we asked some businesses in the Clifton Hill area about Queen Street they just said oh that its a nightmare with construction and no parking, and its going to take for ever to finish.

    I ask why?

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