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Do You Want To Be An Online TV Host?

Clipped From The Welland Tribune

A Garden City company is inviting Niagara residents to an online casting call for TV hosts.

“If you’re comfortable in front of a camera, have an outgoing or quirky personality, we encourage you to get involved,” says Theo Diamantis, creative director of digital media at 180 Marketing.

The agency is looking for people of all ages, genders and ethnic backgrounds to host online television shows it’s producing for a variety of clients in Canada and the United States.

Programming is modeled after popular television shows similar to Entertainment Tonight and Fashion Television.

The agency is casting for three roles in the immediate future and hopes to develop a deep local talent pool from which to draw upon for future productions.

Niagara residents are asked to submit a photo and brief profile from which applicants will be prescreened. They may also submit links if featured in online video content such as YouTube.

Budding television personalities can download application forms or submit their profile online at Forms will be accepted starting Wednesday and must be submitted by Dec. 5.

A short list of candidates will be invited to a 15-minute screen test at a St. Catharines studio on Dec. 15.

Standing for “brand on demand television,” 180 Marketing has developed a technology platform and business model called BODtv, which capitalizes on the Internet and changes to the way people consume news, educational and entertainment content.

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