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  1. Karen says:

    How much would 2 round trip tickets from Niagara to Ft. Myers be? Can you use the tickets at any time or do you need to give a departure and return date?

  2. sheldon gurevitz says:

    cost of 2 senior citizens airline tickets from niagara falls new york to west palm beach floridaa leaving december 15 2011 returning march 15 2012 reply asaap thanks


  3. sheldon gurevitz says:

    2 senir tickets niagara falls new york to west palm beach florida december 15/20111 returning march 15/2012

    s gurevitz

  4. nelson cote says:

    looking for a flight to punta gorda, florida, anytime about nov. 13 to 24 and returning 10 to 14 days later. anytime for departures is good. please advise if u have any

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