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Daredevil Days 2008

I made it out to Daredevil Days on Saturday and was disappointed to hear that Dean Sullivan would not be dropping 1000 feet from a helicopter, but rather be dropping 200 feet from a crane. It was also disappointing to see that some of the events that had been scheduled for Saturday didn’t happen at the times they were scheduled and that the city was wasting energy by leaving the downtown traffic lights on when the street was closed all weekend.

On a lighter note, the events that did happen were definitely worth the loss of energy. Gene Sullivan, no relation to Dean Sullivan, jumped a motorcycle through a wall of flames in front of a large crowd of spectators while the Secret Place Christian Fellowship were one block away preforming inspirational music and producing quite a crowd themselves. Entertainers littered the downtown streets and brought smiles to people of all ages.

All in all, I would attend the festival again, if the organizers decide to do another one in the future. Here is a short video I taped while attending. Please remember to let it completely load before watching.

[qt:/Videos/ 384 288]

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  1. Eric says:

    It looks like it would be fun, but I think it would get old. Maybe it’s just me though.

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