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New Years Resolutions With Gus


Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnancy Interview

Jamie Lynn Spears gives her first interview since her pregnancy was leaked!

Cops Get Mad That They Were Being Taped

This mans friend tells him that he saw police cruisers doing donuts in the street out front. He goes outside to tape it and the cops get mad at him for taping them. They try and scare him into giving them the camera but he won’t budge.

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Hotel Glasses Are Not Being Cleaned Properly

Don’t Mess With Santa

Two guys trying to do happy slapping on poor Santa Claus, but then something goes wrong.

Has This PSA Gone Too Far?

This Public Service Announcement by The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario has been pulled from some television stations. It does get the message across but can be found to be a little graphic. You be the judge.

Fun with an Air Horn #2

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Global Warming Put In Prospective

This video goes over the consequences of each decision we make, whether you believe that Global Warming exists or not.

Fun with an Air Horn #1

Also see: Fun with an Air Horn #2

Icy Conditions Cause Major Accident On Highway

During a large snow storm that hit southern Ontario, a large Fed-Ex tractor trailer lost control and hit a police cruiser and other cars on the 401 Highway.

Trinity Lutheran Church Is Moved 12 Miles

Topped with a 100 foot steeple, this pristine structure is moved twelve miles across rolling hills to the town of Manning, Iowa.

Mailman With Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

This mailman has a bad case of the OCD.

Crazy Lady Fakes Being Hit By A Car

Bird Tricks

Snow In Toronto?

Rick Mercer – Special Report: Snow In Toronto?


Santa Fights Crime In The Mall

The Real Meg Griffin

This nice young lady wants the perfect man. Anyone interested?

Fishing For Cute Chipmunks

Squirrel Fight

Creative Use For A Fart Machine

Check out the expression on the little girl with the white shirt.