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Canada Geese Living at Mall

Tubing Down the Streets of Hurricane Fay

Chimps on Ice

Toronto Explosion

Amature footage of the Toronto Sunrise Propane Depot exploding.

Bill and Hillary in Bad Boy Commercial

An old Bad Boy furniture commercial featuring Bill and Hillary Clinton?

The truth according to Wikipedia:
In 1993, Lastman saw Clinton impersonator Tim Waters on television, and shortly afterwards contacted him and arranged for a commercial to be shot. The commercial featured Waters dressed as Clinton delivering the classic Nooobody! line.

While merely a mildly amusing commercial to most of the viewing public, Lastman’s move did attract some attention, as he soon received a letter from the White House requesting that he “cease and desist all unauthorized use of the likeness of the President of the United States of America in advertising of commercial services and products”.

Lastman refused to stop airing the commercials, and even produced several more, featuring both Waters and a Hillary Clinton impersonator. “Last time I checked,” he later said, “this was Canada, not the 51st state.”

Jackie Chan Wannabe

This guy tries to impersonate his favourite Jackie Chan movie.

Caught on Webcam

Close Call

Close call for this impatient driver.

Horrible Bus Driver

This bus driver fails to pay attention to the road, shown from 2 different views.

Fun Things to Spin

Intercom Fun at Wal-Mart

Picnic Table Crash

The lesson to be learned is to never attempt to jump a picnic table when the grass is wet.

The Price is Wrong

What was this woman thinking?

Goose Attacks Dog

Funny Valedictorian Speech

Deer Stuck in Fence

The homeowner breaks apart his fence to save the deer.

Weird Mac’s Commerical

Mac’s is a 7/11 type chain in Ontario, Canada. The Mac’s commercials are known to be rather odd and this one entitled “Hate Crime” definitely proves it.

Barn Explodes

Here is some video footage of a really bad barn fire that happened in the 80’s somewhere in Ontario. Watch all the way to the end to see the barn explode.

Granny Airbag

Dumb Kids Breaking Stuff

These kids have been charged after placing a video on the net of them breaking into a vending machine and smashing car windshields. No one said they were smart.