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Lake Effect

Last weekend I was finally able to take advantage of the snowy weather and went skiing and snowboarding for the first time this season.  Now I want to go every weekend and to try out some local hills.

The other day I came across this video by Get Out Niagara.  It is a trailer to an upcoming snowboarding short film called ‘Lake Effect’. The film will be a compilation of the 2010-11 snowboarding season in and around the Great Lakes area of Ontario and New York State.  I can’t wait to see some of the slopes.


In 2007, OK Go won a Grammy award for “Best Short Form Music Video”, and YouTube’s “Most Creative Video”.  I think you’ll agree that this band is very creative especially their newest video “This Too Shall Pass” .


1993 Hockey Brawl Between Sarnia and Niagara Falls

(warning: the video has violence and adult language)

A 1993 Western Ontario Hockey League game between Sarnia Ranson Bees (blue) and the Niagara Falls All Stars (white). The fight started when a Sarnia player hit a Niagara Falls player from behind. A Niagara Falls player retaliated with a elbow and all hell broke loose.

March 5, another UFO

This might be the Niagara Falls UFO just way out there in the atmosphere, it flashes the same way.

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Video – USA vs. Finland (fights), Canada vs. Slovakia (dives)

I’m very excited about the possibility of a CANADA vs. USA men’s hockey gold medal final in the 2010 Olympics. For this to happen USA will have to defeat Finland and Canada will have to defeat Slovakia.  I’m very surprised how many of the teams have performed, so rather than predicting who wins and what the score will be, I will predict this:

USA vs. Finland – Prediction: Fights

Canada vs. Slovakia – Prediction: Dives

Why? Because this is exactly what happened the last time these teams faced each other.

USA vs. Finland 2009 – Fight

Anssi Salmela, of Finland bleeds after a fight with David Backes of the United States during the IIHF World Ice Hockey Championship qualification round on May 11, 2008.

Canada vs. Slovakia Dec. 29th 2009 – Dive

Matus Rais, of Slovakia, pulls off one of the best dives against Canada during the 2010 IIHF World Junior Championships just a few weeks ago on December 29th, 2009.

Canada vs. Russia 1972, as described by Paul Henderson

Paul Henderson was a talented but unspectacular left winger who was the unlikeliest of heroes. Unlikely heroes have come to define Canadian hockey.  Will there be a hero tonight as Canada takes on Russia at the Olympics?

On September 28th, 1972 Paul Henderson scored a remarkable goal that concluded the comeback victory over a Soviet hockey team that had pushed Canada to the brink of defeat. Of course, none of this was supposed to happen. Team Canada was composed of the NHL’s greatest stars, and were expected to easily defeat ‘the communists’. The success of the Soviets stunned Canadians, who had always unquestioningly believed in their country’s hockey supremacy.  “The goal heard around the world” was scored at 19:26 of the final period.  For a moment the world stood still, and then as the red light flickered behind Vladislav Tretiak, Canadians hearts filled with pride and joy.

Debra Mauro wins $1 million

Debra Mauro of Niagara Falls wins $1 million after buying the Smooth 7s scratch and win lottery ticket.

Blue Ghost Tunnel

There have been many reports of paranormal activity after the 1903 fatal train collision near St. Catharines Ontario’s Merritton Tunnel (now known as the Blue Ghost Tunnel) .  Over the past few years Niagara Blog has been collecting videos and pictures from readers about the haunted Blue Ghost Tunnel.   Here is a recent January 2010  video from Linda Randall:


The Office Update

If you watched the Office last night you may have wondered where they came up with the wedding entrance dance. It came from this viral video:

Crazy Little Beaver Smiles for Camera

Answering Walmart Phones

This customer thought it would be funny to answer the phones located on poles throughout Walmart. Listen to the reactions of the callers as he pretends to be an employee.

Amazing Christmas Lights Display

Also see: Impressive Halloween Display

Fat Guy gets Owned by Golf Cart

Niagara Blog is One Year Old

It’s been one year today since our first post so here is a recap of the top 10 most popular original videos featured over the past year.

Jonas Brothers Come Out of the Closet

Tivoli Miniature World

Daredevil Days 2008

Overfeed Animals at Happy Rolphs Petting Zoo

Cool Illusion at Ripley’s in Niagara Falls

Hand Binoculars

Fight Down By The Falls

House Fire At Scott And Lake Streets

New Years Eve Brawl On Niagara Street

Truck Cuts Off Police Car in St. Catharines

Impressive Halloween Display

Ninjas Protest Pirate Festival

Outdoor Wedding Gone Bad

Stag and Doe Dance Off

Jonas Brothers Come Out of the Closet

TechTV Guest Drops One of a Kind

A one of a kind breaks on TechTV. Epic fail.