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Canada vs. Russia 1972, as described by Paul Henderson

Paul Henderson was a talented but unspectacular left winger who was the unlikeliest of heroes. Unlikely heroes have come to define Canadian hockey.  Will there be a hero tonight as Canada takes on Russia at the Olympics?

On September 28th, 1972 Paul Henderson scored a remarkable goal that concluded the comeback victory over a Soviet hockey team that had pushed Canada to the brink of defeat. Of course, none of this was supposed to happen. Team Canada was composed of the NHL’s greatest stars, and were expected to easily defeat ‘the communists’. The success of the Soviets stunned Canadians, who had always unquestioningly believed in their country’s hockey supremacy.  “The goal heard around the world” was scored at 19:26 of the final period.  For a moment the world stood still, and then as the red light flickered behind Vladislav Tretiak, Canadians hearts filled with pride and joy.

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  1. joel says:

    WOW im just trying to imagine, the Canadian crowd hysterical! Proud to be Canadian!

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