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Brain Wave! Mind Control the Falls

Toronto tech company InteraXon were thinking up new ways to expose their mind-controlling technology to everyone. One of their ideas was to make a brainwave sensor that feeds off brainwaves to create music, or a heat lamp.

The Ontario government rebutted that idea and suggested this new innovation that would spark tourism.

Visitors at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver will be able to visit The Ontario House and sit in one of these chairs. Thought controlled computing takes the waves off your head, then classifies them into alpha, beta, theta, etc. The machine teaches you how to use these waves to control your thoughts. Once you are ready, you can go live and control the lighting of the Niagara Falls, CN Tower, or Parliament Building, just by the power of your brain.

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4 Responses
  1. Kelly says:

    Thanks for the write-up Chris!

    I’m a part of the InteraXon team…
    We’re really excited to show the world what we’ve been working on! If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via

    See you at the Games!

  2. master says:

    Thanks. Unfortunately, I won’t get a chance to be at the games. Do send us more footage on InteraXon and Niagara Falls that we can share with our readers.

  3. Avadhesh says:

    Here is a non-physical procedure to replace your physical-thinking with
    God Blessing and then you pray in your thinking in a clean-mind. Once you
    start to do prayers in your thinking in a clean-mind, it will begin to
    improve your karma (action-reaction) and slowly, it will start to heal you.
    This is not a quick-fix scheme. It will take time.

    Here are the steps for your thought-control:
    a) Close your eyes, do not focus, do not meditate,
    do it as you would do it in a temple/church: say
    MENTALLY: [for Christians say “Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ”],
    [For Hindus say “Jai Ma, Jai Ma” or “SitaRam, SitaRam”
    “Jai Hanuman, Jai Hanuman”, or “Wahe Guru”] etc.
    and keep repeating it 10, 20 — 100 times.
    b) Once you can say 100 times closed eyes, then try (a) with open
    eyes, start slow and go 10,20 — 100 times. If
    you can not do it with open eyes then go back to
    go to (a). Come back to (b) after couple of days.
    c) Once you can say repitively (above) with open and closed
    eyes, then you keep doing it couple of minutes here,
    couple of minutes there. Slowly, increase this time and
    frequency to hours: 1, 2, —-5 hours.
    d) Yes, you will have to fight out with physical
    thoughts because they want to stay there. This is
    is your religious-war/dharma-yudh. Once you get rid of all of
    thoughts, they will go to a depository-system (like
    library) from where you will check-in and check-out
    your thoughts. Your depository-system right now has
    pleasant childhood memories, prayers, and your experiences
    that make up your intuition and your capabilities.
    e) Hopefully, you will be able to get control over
    your thoughts in 6-9 months such that you will
    have prayers in thoughts. That is what I have done.
    This Bhakti (prayers in your thoughts) will change your
    life and it will be like a insurance policy for your future
    if you keep doing it.

    Hope to see you healthy soon. God Bless you all. Thanks. —-Avadhesh

  4. I was just wondering, was the technology they are using emits harmful waves that could in turn harm our brain? This might sound cool and great, but we also need to think of the repercussions of such innovations and breakthroughs. Utilizing an electronic device need a caution. Like using cell phones and computers. Too much exposure to such waves emitted by these devices could lead to brain-related disorders.

    Pertaining to the device they used, to be worn by patron to control the lightings in Niagara, was it safe enough? Is it worth the excitement?

    I would like also to grab this opportunity to thank you for this post. I am actually a newbie blogger and I am trying to dig more information about how MIND works OVER MATTERS. The name of my new blog is mind over matters that talks much about anything that a human mind has something to do with.

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