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Blue Ghost Tunnel Part 9

Part 9 of a collection about the Merritton Train Tunnel that runs under the 3rd Welland Canal. Look forward to more newspaper clippings, photos and videos from what is now known as, The Blue Ghost Tunnel.

Here is a very bizarre short film shot at the Blue Ghost Tunnel called Slaughter Mind.

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4 Responses
  1. Rob Bedard says:

    Hey thanks for using my video in your blog BGT. My friend pointed it out, I was shocked to see it. haha. I was just testing out my editing and filming skills. That was my first ever. It was pretty bizarre.

    Thanks Again.

    Rob Bedard

  2. Ki says:

    oh how i love BGT. i was there last night

  3. Alex says:

    you guys should REALLY see the photos i have gotten from theyre. Theyre crazy!, i have one with a man with no head (very clear photo) sitting at the end of the tunnel look like hes greeting people, one with at least 40 orbs. and another with an arm, lookinglike someone were to be waving into the camera.

  4. Dennis says:

    Very cool Alex. You should email them to me ( along with your story about the trip down there and I will post it.

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