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Best Travel Story Contest

Whether it’s good or bad, funny or sad, tell us about the vacation you had. The most entertaining story about a past vacation will win the contest.

  • The story can be anything under the sun as long as it’s related to a past travel experience anywhere in the world.
  • Please keep your stories to the point. If you ramble on about boring details that really have nothing to do with the actual story, your comment will either be shortened or disqualified altogether.
  • The administrators will select 3 of their favourite stories and put them up for a vote to all users. Take a look at our Stupid Questions Contest to see how this voting system worked for us in the past.
  • Write your stories in the comment section of this posting.
  • Must provide your real name and email address so we can contact you if needed.
  • Contest closes April 30, 2009 **VOTING HAS BEGUN**
  • The winner will receive a free tour of Niagara Falls and area, departing from the city of Toronto. Prize must be redeemed before March 30, 2010. For tour details, please visit

    Good luck.

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    9 Responses
    1. Scott says:

      Well I dont have any huge ones just yet. I was the first ever American in the country of Mexico to get a junior hunting license. That wasnt the problem though….When we brought the guns back into the states we almost got shot by the border patrol and that turned into a 6 hour ordeal….Not that funny though. The only other thing I can think of is Alaska has no public flushing rest stops that I know of. All outhouse pit things…. So, I go up to the “hills” to go snowmobiling and we stop by one of my friends cabins to eat lunch. So when it comes time to “dispose” of lunch, I use their outhouse. As I am sitting there finishing my business I look down to my left… and what do I see? Wet wipes… FANTASTIC. Great for that fresh feeling you know….. When the burning started I knew I was in trouble…. I looked down and checked the package….. Scrubbing bubbles wipes. You got it. I wiped my a$$ with scrubbing bubbles. Burns like hell. I couldnt sit down on my machine all day and I swear I was farting bubbles.

    2. Janet says:

      I went on vacation last week. What a week it was. Only rained twice – once for three days, once for four.

    3. Glenn says:

      i was in a holiday camp with my family and we were right next to the shower block. and there were these Germans who would twice a day come and shower for no kidding about an hour at a time and they would take a huge boom box and blast out German techno music. so after 3 days we got tired of it and snuck into the shower block and threw loads of french bangers and smoke bombs under the door and ran away.

      the next day i was walking down the path and i heard there German techno blasting out of another shower block down the road. lol :D

    4. Folk Art says:

      I guess I dont have any funny story to tell but one thing that I’d like to do is to encourage people to come to Poland for vacation is a really great place for relax, pure and fresh air and lots of old architecture to check. Regards!

    5. For our 5th year anniversary, my husband and I flew out to Montreal for a short vacation. The next day, my husband showered and was looking through our luggage. A panicked look came across his face as he discovered that he had forgotten to pack clean underwear. After some convincing, he reluctantly put on a pair of my girly undies. Then we ventured down the streets of Montreal to do some underwear shopping. This year, we would love to venture out to niagara falls, hopefully with both of us wearing the correct underwear. lol

    6. Peter says:

      Bit of an epic here, I’m afraid.

      On one holiday in Italy with my family we decided to go to Venice for the day, getting the train there and back from Brescia. We left the car in the car at the station, in an extremely impressive underground car park, where all the surfaces wee painted in really bright colours. Since we were in a bit of a hury to get to the train, we didn’t think to check what time the car park would close, and just assumed it would stayy open as long as there were trains coming and going.

      Since the train coming from Venice was delayed, we didn’t get back to Brescia until 2am, having shared a carriage with a skinny old man who wound his longjohns round his head, insisted we shut the window, and fell asleep spreadeagled on his chair so that we had to climb over the other occupant of the carriage to get out. My brother woke up at one point and thought the old man had died.

      Eventually we got back to the car park, which you could only gain entry to by cancelling your ticket. After spending the best part of an hour looking for our car (we also hadn’t realised there were four floors, as we’d only gone down one flight of stairs to get out and we were on ground level), passing on the way a burst water pipe, we drove up to the gate, and spent a few minutes wondering why the machine wouldn’t take our ticket. It turned out, as I expect you’ve guessed, that the gates were locked for the night. They weren’t to open again until 5.30am. So we spent the night sitting in the car listening to my dad’s tape of The Rabbi Lionel Blue’s Thoughts For The Day.

      In between the Rabbi’s pearls of wisdom, we were terrified by a roaring noise, which reminded us of a scene in a James Bond film, where he’s climbing through a pipe and suddenly a torrent of seawater comes rushing through it. We had hideous visions of drowning as the ever-so-shiny car park was sluiced out in the middle of the night. The noise got louder and louder… and turned out to be sweping machine on the street outside. Then, luckily for you, if you’re still reading this, we got out.

    7. heather says:

      This is actually a Niagara Falls story. When I ws about 8, my family and some friends decided to RV camp at the KOA in Niagara Falls (It is still there, I went for old times sake). The next day, someone from the campground came and todl us that our family had won an airplane tour of the falls. It was decided that my father and my sister and I would take the tour.
      Now, I am deathly afraid of flying, and didn’t know that til this trip. I do not remember much of it but a few things. Waiting to get back on the ground was one of them. But seeing Marineland from the air was incredible. We also saw the Whirlpool Rapids and the American and Horeshoe falls.
      I distinctly remember how I was feeling in the plane, and even now, i can still feel the same fear arising. My hands were fisted in my lap and I was afraid to “really” look out the window. My sister, being the adrenaline junkie of the family” kept up a cheerful banter with the pilot, trying to convince him to do barrel rolls, while tried desperately to convince him not to. I was never so happy as when we finally landed!!!!When we got back to the campsite, our friends teased me that i was so afraid.
      Niagara Falls is my favourite place to be now. But I still have never taken an airplane anywhere, and I have yet to experience Niagara again, from the air. I am quite happy to view it’s wonder with my feet planted firmly on the ground.

    8. Kathleen McKinnon says:

      My husband and I planned to visit San Diego for their Comic Con a few years ago. When we arrived, everything was great. However, a few hours later my husband started feeling a bit sick. It kept getting worse and his back was in horrible pain. After awhile, we finally decided the best thing was to go to the hospital. At the hospital we must have gotten the youngest doctor allowed to practice medicine. Doogie Howser kept fiddling around with tests and finally declared nothing was wrong.

      The next morning, we arrived at the Comic Con with my husband in a wheel chair – he couldn’t walk properly without pain shooting up his spine.

      The great thing – we didn’t have to wait in line for anything since we suddenly had a disability pass. The weird thing – his symptoms disappeared hours after we arrived home. The only things we saw during that trip were the hotel room, the hospital and the Comic Con. Probably our worst trip ever…

      We do plan to visit Niagara Falls this June so we’re hoping our trip is much more pleasant!

    9. virginia says:

      Some of these were great. I am glad I am not the only person that is NOT into barrel rolls or has endured a week of rain during an adventure.

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