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1987 Niagara Falls Vacation Video

Reminds me of Kevin Costner’s narration in Dances with Wolves.

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Roger Woodward Reflects on Gift of Life

Source: Niagara Falls Review

If it was a suicide attempt, hopefully the man who went over the Horseshoe Falls on Wednesday in Niagara Falls will be able to get the help he needs, said Roger Woodward, the man who survived a plunge over the mighty cataract 49 years ago.

“If it is a suicide attempt, I think it is very tragic,” said Woodward, who now lives in Huntsville, Ala., and sells real estate.

“The very first thought that went through my mind is that I’m dealing with a family member who has cancer and we are hoping she can survive and live. Then when you see someone who might be at a point in their life where they see life isn’t worth living, obviously it’s an extreme contrast and you hope they can get help to resolve that problem.”

Woodward was only seven years old when he became the first person to go over the Horseshoe Falls and survive, wearing only a life jacket and a bathing suit, on Saturday, July 9, 1960.

The headline in the Monday edition of The Niagara Falls Review called it: Niagara Miracle: Boy Cheats Falls.

Woodward, and his 17-year-old sister Deanne, were out for a boat ride with a family friend, James Honeycutt.

The engine on their boat developed a problem and lost power about half a mile away from the brink of the Horseshoe Falls. The 12-foot aluminum boat overturned and the three of them ended up in the water.

There were only two life preservers in the boat. The children had them on.

Deanne was rescued by John R. Hayes, a truck driver and auxiliary policeman from Union, N. J., who climbed the guardrail and kept yelling at her to swim.


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Elvis Live in Niagara Falls 1975

Video footage of Elvis performing live in Niagara Falls, NY on July 13, 1975.

Man Dances on the Tip of Table Rock

A man climbs over the barrier at Table Rock and begins dancing at the brink of the falls. One slip on the ice and he would be a goner.

Also see: Man Stands at Waters Edge to Niagara Falls

Welcome to Welland

A short video from Wreaks Havoc Records in front of a sign. I’m loving the Welland mullet on the guy on the right.

Classic: Niagara Falls Suicide

Crystal Skull of Doom

One of the only known Crystal Skulls in the world was owned by Anna Mitchell-Hedges of Port Colborne, Ontario. If you have an interest in the Skull of Doom, check out this Discovery Channel clip.

Attempted Mosh Pit at L3

These guys attempt to start a mosh pit at L3 in St.Catharines but no one else joins in.

Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks Promo Video

Another Fight in Welland

Merritton’s Endless Fight

Fight after fight after fight outside the Merritton Community Centre.

A Lesson on Niagara’s Wines

Barenaked Ladies Share Stories About Niagara Falls

The Barenaked Ladies share experiences from being on the Canadian side of the falls while performing at Seneca Casino.

Marineland’s Loud Mouth Fish

Here is a video someone posted on YouTube of a Loud Mouth fish at Marineland.

The Ruth B Shipwreck

The wreck of the Ruth B is located where the Niagara River meets Lake Erie.

Toronto Explosion

Amature footage of the Toronto Sunrise Propane Depot exploding.

Partial Collapse of the Garden City Skyway in St. Catharines

Old home movie of an amazing rescue on the Garden City Skyway after a partial collapse.

Large Turtle at Jaycee Gardens

Here is one mother of a turtle taped at Jaycee Gardens in St. Catharines.

The Screaming Tunnel

The Shadows Project investigate the Screaming Tunnel.

Sacked Outing

This guy gets punched after pestering others on a school trip to Niagara Falls.