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Demon Dare Devil

Charles Stephens, the Demon Barber of Bedminster

In 1920, a young boy hid in the bar of his father’s pub, the Carpenter’s Arms on Newfoundland Street, Bristol, eavesdropping on the regulars.

They were having a whip-round to buy a barrel that was to end up carrying a daredevil over Niagara Falls. more…

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Salons against domestic abuse

Southern Niagara Falls will be opening salons in support of Women’s Place styling against domestic violence. On Oct.  1 the first ever Cut-It-Out event will be offering discounts in support of Women’s Place for affordable professional hair cuts.

Proceeds will help fund operating costs at two emergency shelters.

To learn more about this event, contact Haley Bateman at 905-356-3933 ext. 240.

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Historic Collection of Names

Politicians, royalty and celebrities are all found within the Niagara Parks Commission s official guest book.

The first signiture was a visitor from England in 1920, and in 1923 the first famous signature was from British Prime Minister David Lloyd George. As well as Danny Kaye 1958, and Princess Mary (1955).

The Queen is coming to town about “The Queen on Queen” as the theme for this year’s downtown summer festival in Niagara Falls? The real Queen of Canada in the real downtown.

After a couple years of hit-and-miss festivals aimed at bringing people downtown, the Queen could give Niagara Falls a regal shot in the arm if she’d take part in “Queenfest ’10.” Queenilicious. Something like that.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are scheduled to make a royal visit to Canada in late June and Niagara, like a lot of other communities from coast to coast, is hoping to play host. The last time Canada’s head of state graced the Niagara region with her presence was 1973 when she visited Niagara-on-the-Lake, according to a federal government list of royal visits. We are not amused. more…

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Tall Ship Festival will be hosting the Great Lakes United Tall Ships Challenge, a race across all 5 Great Lakes. 11 Participating tall ships will be coming to Toronto June 30th on part of the Canada Day long weekend.  Crowds will be able to come on board and explore each ship on July 4th before they leave for Cleveland, Bay City, Duluth and Chicago. These ships include some of the most famous of Niagara Falls.

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Global Questionnaire

Daryll Schmitt from Niagara Falls, Global Questionnaire. Global 3000


SmartCenter Niagara Falls. Newest retail complex, $70 million project expected completion the beginning of next year.

It’s Pothole Season

Falls Public Works Director David Kinney gives pothole attack plan.

Rivers Seen From Space

Though a satellite’s view of a vertical feature on Earth may not be the most flattering angle, this image of Niagara Falls is impressive. The Niagara River drops nearly 170 feet to form one of the world’s largest waterfall, shown above in an image taken by GeoEye’s Ikonos satellite in August 2004. More than 1.7 million gallons of water runs over the edge every second, constantly eating away at the rock below and pushing it back as much as 20 feet in a year. more…

Maid of the Mist Opens Fall’s Maid of the Mist will reopen this year, two weeks earlier than last year. April 10th, thanks to the favorable weather conditions.

The Maid of the Mist is the most well known family attraction in Niagara Falls and most Ontarians agree that it is an important part for our tourism industry.

This is a great way for anyone visiting Niagara Falls to get up close to this popular attraction. Even if you spend the rest of your stay in North America relaxing in your hotel, indulging in delicious meals and playing games of Poker dk, the Maid of the Mist is certainly one excursion which it is worth making the effort to experience. This unique boat tour has been a popular choice with tourists to the area for many years, and looks set to continue for many more. Even if you live locally and have visited Niagara Falls many times before, this is a trip which you are sure to enjoy.

Tours begin 10:00am, departing every 15 minutes, and the tours last about 30 minutes.



C$ peaks at US$

The Canadian dollar is set to reach parity with the U.S in the near future.  Shoppers should be planning to cross the boarder to the US  for shopping sprees.  This could be good news for Americans and not so good news for businesses North of the border in Canada. But if you’re still looking for the cheapest coffee Tim Hortons still strings a cheaper cost on the Canadian side.


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50th Anniversary of the Playboy Bunny June 10th, Niagara Falls’ Fallsview Casino will be celebrating the Playboy Club’s 50th anniversary.

Playboy will be hosting 50 parties this year to celebrate, other cities will include Johannesburg, Hong Kong, Cancun and Chicago.

The casino will be transformed to look like an up scale Playboy Club, as well as 30 playboy bunnies and 4 playboy playmates that will dance alongside the party until the morning hours.

The event will also include $25,000 cash draw prizes and opportunities to meet some of the celebrities .

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Best Freakout Ever!

Best freakout ever at Dracula’s Haunted Castle

Niagara Outdoor Show

A familiar sign of spring and what follows is the Niagara Outdoor Show. If you hunt, fish or boat this event is a must see. From rods, reels and lures at clearance prices to the Casting Kids Contest(Sunday)presented by the Niagara Bassmasters, there`s something for everyone. Enjoy one of the fishing seminars with local pros or maybe write your Boating Test(card required by Sept.15/2009). You can bring your antique lures along and have them appraised at no charge by an expert. Officials from the Ministry of Natural Resources will be present to address your questions concerning our outdoor environment and how it relates to wildlife. Admission is $5 and if you`re under 16, it`s free. See you there!!!

Niagara Outdoor Show

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An April Fool’s to remember

It was 30 years ago that ice stopped water from flowing over Niagara’s falls NIAGARA FALLS — The night before, Michael Clarkson and his wife had been discussing how no one does anything exciting on April Fool’s Day anymore. more…

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Democratic Offices Attacked

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter says the brick that was thrown through a window at her Niagara Falls office is not the only act of harassment that she’s seen in recent days. As chair of the House Rules Committee, the Democrat has had a high profile during the health care reform debate.

Slaughter says she recently received a message on her campaign phone line that mentioned violence.

“There also was a strange call that we got about snipers at the ready to assassinate”

Sword Swallower in Niagara Falls

Vanessa Neil swallows a sword at the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Auditorium Niagara Falls.

March 5, another UFO

This might be the Niagara Falls UFO just way out there in the atmosphere, it flashes the same way.

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What Every Babysitter Should Know

This award-winning course teaches the skills necessary to care for infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers. It emphasizes safety, dealing with emergencies, and first aid basics. Course materials include a student activity book, a certificate suitable for framing, and a wallet-size certificate.

What Every Babysitter Should Know is the creation of a team of child care professionals and trained babysitters—St. John Ambulance instructors, veteran 16-year-old babysitters, 12-year-old rookie babysitters, and moms and dads.
The course takes 6 ½ hours and the informal sessions are designed to be entertaining and educational. Hands-on practice will help build confidence. Our great handbook makes learning fun.

Mar 19, 9:00am – 4:00am

local St. John Ambulance office

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Greg Frewin Magician of the Year

Magician of the year, The Greg Frewin Theatre in Niagara Falls

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