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Animal Abuse Up as Economy Down

Animal cruelty cases are on the rise and it’s expected to get even worse as people fall on tough economic times.

Welland and District Humane Society manager Ted Bettle said that in the last three months of 2008 alone, the organization dealt with the same number of serious cases as it had for all of 2007.

It’s cause for concern, said Bettle.

In October, November and December, humane society agents had 20 serious complaints where animals had to be removed from homes, orders were issued and veterinarians were called in to provide proper care.

Many of these incidents will be going through the court system

“Realistically, I think this will continue,” said Bettle.

“We’ve seen it before. When we get difficult economic times, people have their families to care for and their animals are last on the list … and that puts a real strain on us,” he said.

Read the entire article at the Welland Tribune.

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  1. francesca says:

    What good is our law if they will enforce it? Animals may not think like humans but I most certainly believe in their rights. The right to live without being harmed.

    It can be agreeable that pets can be an added expense to the family especially during rough times. However, if you have cared for that animal for years, then you would never allow it to suffer nor you would have a problem going an extra mile to give them what they need.

    As long as you give them food and shelter that is already good. You do not have to give special treatments to them anymore. They will still be loyal to you.

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