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5o% off Tickets to Beyond Belief Magic at Greg Frewin Theatre.

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Only a magician can pull a rabbit out of a hat, levitate a tiger, or vanish a Celine Dion. Enjoy illusions of grandeur with today’s deal to Beyond Belief Magic at Greg Frewin Theatre. Choose from three options:

  • For $27, you get one platinum orchestra section adult’s admission (a $54.98 value).
  • For $24, you get one platinum Level 2 section adult’s admission (a $49.98 value).
  • For $19, you get one gold Level 3 and 4 section adult’s admission (a $39.98 value)

Greg Frewin’s list of accomplishments—which includes winning numerous awards and playing to international audiences—is so lengthy even he would have trouble making it disappear. Greg makes jaws drop and heads scratch with a fast-paced, Vegas-style magical review. The sleek, lavender-hued theatre seats more than 600 patrons for a family friendly show that features unreal illusions and exotic animals, including Greg’s pet tigers, Boomer, Cashmere, and Shimira. As the curtain goes down, show-goers will leave the auditorium delighted by dexterous sleights-of-hand, which, like the actual spelling of Saskatchewan, will remain forever a mystery.


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4 Responses
  1. Chad says:

    Thanks for you support! We appreciate you spreading the word about the Greg Frewin Theatre and Groupon!


    Groupon Staff

  2. Are these coupons still available?

  3. Deb Noble says:

    Is there any way we can get 50% of tickets for Nov. 17th show? Gold section for 6 tickets???

  4. Trish Mizzau says:

    Would love to see this amazing man but we are on a budget any suggestions?

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