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50th Anniversary of the Playboy Bunny June 10th, Niagara Falls’ Fallsview Casino will be celebrating the Playboy Club’s 50th anniversary.

Playboy will be hosting 50 parties this year to celebrate, other cities will include Johannesburg, Hong Kong, Cancun and Chicago.

The casino will be transformed to look like an up scale Playboy Club, as well as 30 playboy bunnies and 4 playboy playmates that will dance alongside the party until the morning hours.

The event will also include $25,000 cash draw prizes and opportunities to meet some of the celebrities .

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2 Responses
  1. 被リンクサービス says:

    How time flies! 50th anniversary.

  2. Rick says:

    Why is this even news. It is invitation only (i.e. big spenders at the casinos), so really has nothing to do with us normal peons.

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