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4 Arrested For Defrauding An Elderly Man

NRPS Media Release

Four Welland area residents allegedly took advantage of the charity of an elderly gentleman by defrauding him for over $9000.00 over a three-week period. The gentleman was asked to loan money to a single mother who could not afford to pay medical related expenses or provide necessities for her children. He was told that he would be paid the money back.

The gentleman and his family became suspicious and reported the incident to the Niagara Regional Police. The police investigation revealed that the dire and desperate stories told to this gentleman were not true. Lies were used to take advantage of an elderly person’s compassion and generosity. None of the loan was repaid.

Charged with one count of Fraud Over $5000.00:

• Lynne MAY, 45 years old of Welland
• Charles CRABBE, 54 years old of Welland
• Jody MAY, 26 years old of Welland
• Shannon BISSON, 32 years of Welland

The four accused parties are to appear in Welland Court on February 15, 2008.

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  1. Crimes against the elderly are the worst type!

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