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$25 for $55 worth of Ontario wine

Today only, you have a chance to pick-up $55 worth of wine for just $25.  This means you can order a 2008 Riesling from Château Des Charmes, 2008 Gamay from Cave Spring Cellars, 2007 Chardonnay from Flat Rock Cellars and a 2008 Riesling form Stoney Ridge for just $25 over.  The special is being offered by through a daily coupon website called Group Click

Launched in 2004, offers an exceptionally prompt wine service to all crushed grape connoisseurs, simple sippers, and full out wine lovers across Ontario! From Chardonnay grapes to Sauvignon Blanc, from aromatic white wines to juicy, fruity reds, from Washington, to South Africa, to the Alps of Argentina;’s boundaries are virtually limitless when it comes to bringing you the exact flavour your taste buds crave. What’s more, also services licensed venues such as restaurants, bars and hotels, so if you’ve happened to have tasted the elusive wine of your dreams in one of the establishments listed on their extensive client list, then chances are you’ll be able to order it and personally receive that oh so perfect taste again in the comfort of your own home.


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  1. Crimea Wine says:

    nice service with cool promos, like it *thumbs up*

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