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What’s Happenning this Weekend in Niagara Falls

Enjoy Free Concerts and Fireworks Over the Civic Holiday Long Weekend

Fireworks over Niagara FallsLooking for fun this long weekend? Head to Niagara Falls for free Coca Cola Concerts on the Illumination Tower Stage, the youDiscover music and comedy series and Canada’s longest running fireworks series over Niagara Falls, sponsored by Pizza Pizza.

Coca Cola Concert Series
The free Coca Cola Concert Series takes place at 8 p.m. on the Illumination Tower Stage next to Queen Victoria Place, directly across from the Falls.

Concert goers will have the best view of the fireworks displays, making for the perfect family outing.

Coca Cola Concert Series lineup for long weekend:
Saturday, July 31 – Last Exit * NOTE: NO FIREWORKS ON SATURDAY *
Sunday, August 1 – Borderline
Monday, August 2 – Athertones more…

Stone Road Grille’s Food Day Menu

Food Day was founded in 2003 as The World’s Longest BBQ in response to the sanction of Canada’s beef exports by our largest trading partner and the dramatic hardship it imposed on our agricultural community. The BBQ was a huge success and has evolved into Food Day, an annual mid-summer celebration when we share Canada’s rich culinary heritage, our delicious northern bounty and the best managed food system on the planet.

– July 31st, 2010 –

Preserved Lemon Mignonette
Southbrook Vineyards Biodynamic Fresh White 2009
Bibb Lettuce, Pingue Prosciutto, Niagara Gold Cheese, Eric’s Confit Duck,
Line 4 Quail’s Egg, Nicoise Olives, Tommy Gomes Tomato “Raisins”
Bob Hicks Fine Herb Niagara Vidal Vinaigrette
Southbrook Vineyards 2009 Biodynamic Cabernet Rose
Pan Roasted with House Nduja Sauce, Sautéed BC Sea Asparagus
Southbrook Vineyards 2008 Organic Chardonnay “Triomphe”
~.~ more…

Niagara Falls USA Photo Contest


Do you have a winning shot of Niagara Falls? You now have a chance to prove it by entering Niagara Falls USA Facebook photo contest.  Hurry! Contest ends  July 27th. more…
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Is Niagara Parks Commission taking a shot at Toronto?

The Niagara Falls add campaign, funded by local businesses, is seen as taking shots at Toronto.  What do you think?

Mini War Games Club in Welland

Fans of war games such as Warhammer, Magic the Gathering, and Hordes probably know about the MWG Club in Welland.  For those of you who do not know, these war games allow players to assemble and paint individual 28 mm scale miniature figures that represent futuristic soldiers, creatures and vehicles of war. These figurines are collected to comprise squads in armies that can be pitted against those of other players. Each player brings a roughly equal complement of units to a tabletop battlefield with handmade or purchased terrain. The players then decide upon a scenario, ranging from simple skirmishes to complex battles involving defended objectives and reinforcements. The models are physically moved across the table and the actual distance between models plays a role in the outcome of combat.

Not sure if this is something for you? Here is a video of a previous battle:

Upcoming Tournament

Where: MWG Club
When: Saturday July 31st, 2010

For this tournament you will need a codex-legal 1750 point army list. Army do not need to be fully painted, but extra points will be awards for fully painted armies (including bases).All models must be fully assembled.

Time: 10am to 6pm
Cost: $10 / person (includes prizes)
Lunch: $5 for 4 slices of pizza (optional)
Requirements: One codex-legal 1,750 point 40k army

Video: The Story of Niagara Falls

Here is a great 6 part PBS video of the story of Niagara Falls.  The videos cover the geographic history, daredevils, attractions, and romance, of Niagara. Hopefully YouTube does not pull the video.


We Have a Winner

The winner of the Stupid Tourist Contest is Jen.  Jen has won 2 Niagara Falls Tour tickets courtesy of  She won by submitting this story:

“Working at the lobby counter in one of the hotels on the falls we once had an irate woman come down to report someone on the custodial staff had obviously tampered with her cell phone. Apparently, when she turned her phone on that day she was dismayed to find some prankster had written then name “Roger” into her display. Well she was just livid and we were lucky she had the presence of mind to inform us rather than go straight to the police as she is sure a dignified hotel chain like ours would hate the bad publicity we would be sure to recieve if this ever got out. What’s worse, she couldn’t seem to get rid of this “Roger business” and feared anyone capable of such hijinks may not have stopped at just that and if we thought she was going to be responsible for any long distance charges well didn’t we have another thing coming!

I think we all deserved medals for maintaining our “professional faces” while we explained to her Roger’s is a Canadian cellular company and her phone will switch back as soon as she returns to the USofA. Not gonna lie though, I did experience that twinge of Schadenfreude as she muttered an apology and slinked back to the elevators. ;oP”

To see some of the other hilarious entries please read the comment section on the original post:

Canada Day Fireworks

Video of the Fireworks show on Canada Day July 1st, 2010.

Canada Day Family Fun with Free Concerts, Falls Fireworks

Fireworks over Niagara Falls

Enjoy Free Concerts and Falls Fireworks for Canada Day and Independence Day Long Weekend

Looking for fun this Canada Day? Head to Niagara Falls for free Coca Cola Concerts on the Illumination Tower Stage and Canada’s longest running fireworks series, sponsored by Pizza Pizza.

Pizza Pizza Falls Fireworks
Special Canada Day Fireworks will take place on Thursday, July 1, Friday, July 2 and Sunday, July 4. Plan to return to see the fireworks again as part of the annual series that runs every Wednesday, Friday, Sunday and holiday at 10 p.m.  through July and August, and every Friday from September 10 to October 8.