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Niagara Parks Land Lease Process Moves Forward

niagara-parks-footer-logoOntario has engaged independent third-party expertise to assist the Niagara Parks Commission (NPC) in its competitive process for the land lease related to tour boat operations at Niagara Falls.

Following a competitive process, the province has selected Knowles Consultancy Services Inc. as a procurement specialist and PPI Consulting Limited as fairness commissioner. The government has also engaged Capilano Maritime Design Ltd. as naval architect consultant to the competitive process. The duties of these third-party experts will be as follows:

  • The procurement specialist will assist NPC with activities associated with the design, development, management and control of the process.
  • The fairness commissioner will observe, monitor and oversee the competitive process, and issue a report to the ministry with respect to the fairness of the process.
  • The naval architect consultant will provide technical advice that will assist NPC in drafting the competitive process documents. more…
Democratic Offices Attacked

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter says the brick that was thrown through a window at her Niagara Falls office is not the only act of harassment that she’s seen in recent days. As chair of the House Rules Committee, the Democrat has had a high profile during the health care reform debate.

Slaughter says she recently received a message on her campaign phone line that mentioned violence.

“There also was a strange call that we got about snipers at the ready to assassinate”

On this day in Niagara Falls History – March 29

newspaperOn This Day in Niagara Falls History

On the evening of  March 29 and the morning of March 30th 1848, Niagara Falls stopped flowing  due to an ice jam.

Earth Hour Niagara Falls Photos

Photos added on Flickr by to the  © WWF-Canada photostream:

earthhour 1earjt hour 2 more…

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Bruce Lee – Turbulent Like Niagara Falls

bruce lee niagara

“Water is so fine that it is impossible to grasp a handful of it; strike it, yet it does not suffer hurt; stab it, and it is not wounded; sever it, yet it is not divided. It has no shape of its own but moulds itself to the receptacle that contains it. When heated to the state of steam it is invisible but has enough power to split the earth itself. When frozen it crystallises into a mighty rock. First it is turbulent like Niagara Falls, and then calm like a still pond, fearful like a torrent, and refreshing like a spring on a hot summer’s day.”  – Bruce Lee

Famous Friday – Annie Taylor


Name: Annie Edson Taylor
Birth Date: October 24, 1838
Claim to Fame: On October 24th, 1901, at the age 63, Annie Taylor became the first daredevil to go over the falls in a barrel and survive. more…

Easter Flower Display Begins This Weekend

The Niagara Parks Commission’s Floral Showhouse is pleased to once again feature a seasonal favourite – The Easter Flower Display – a Niagara Falls Ontario tradition for over 60 years. Back by popular demand will also be the added feature of real chicks and bunnies, a treat for kids and adults alike.

Easter Lily Cross at the Floral ShowhouseEaster Lily Cross at the Floral Showhouse

The Easter show features a cross display of lilies surrounded by colourful and fragrant spring flowers such as daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and azaleas. The warm and serene setting is bursting with gorgeous blooms, orchids and exotic tropical plants as well as beautiful songbirds to get you in the mood for spring. The Floral Showhouse features eight different displays each year, so you can return again and again to discover paradise right in the heart of the city. more…

Maid of the Mist Opens April 10, 2010

moftmDue to a mild winter, the Maid of the Mist boat ride will be able to start operations a little early this season.  The start date is scheduled to be April 10, 2010.

Spring break road trip from Ohio to Niagara Falls New York

Sarah Takacs and her friend took a road trip from Ohio to Niagara Falls for Spring Break.  This was the first time any of them saw Niagara Falls in the winter.

Sarah tells us, “At times, we could feel the mist, and, while standing on a bridge, we were amazed at how fast the water flowed over the rocks below us. The best part of the trip, in my opinion, was getting to see the Falls lit up in many different colors at night.”


On this day in Niagara Falls History – March 22


On this day in Niagara Falls History

On March 22, 1903 Niagara Falls ran out of water due to a drought.

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Obscura Day in Niagara Falls NY

Obscura Day is an international celebration of curious places happening around the world on March 20, 2010. It is sponsored by Atlas Obscura, a guide to the world’s wonders, curiosities, and esoterica. To find out more about the Atlas and Obscura Day, or to find out how you can host an event in your city, visit, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

While you are out exploring, we encourage you to take pictures and tag them on Flickr as Obscura Day and tweet using #obscuraday so we can all watch Obscura Day unfold all over the world.


Sword Swallower in Niagara Falls

Vanessa Neil swallows a sword at the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Auditorium Niagara Falls.

Famous Friday – Sal Maglie

SAL MAGLIE IN PG DUGOUTName: Sal “The Barber” Maglie
Birth Date: April 26, 1917
Place of Birth: Niagara Falls, NY
Claim to Fame: Pitcher for the New York Giants, Cleveland Indians, Brooklyn Dodgers, New York Yankees, and St. Louis Cardinals from 1945 to 1958.

He was nicknamed ‘The Barber’ because when he pitched inside to batters he gave them a close shave. He had a very successful baseball career finishing second for the Cy Young Award, and was also second in MVP balloting.

Each Fridays we will be be profiling  a notable Niagara Falls native.  If you would like to suggest a person to be features in our Famous Friday post, please email us at
March 5, another UFO

This might be the Niagara Falls UFO just way out there in the atmosphere, it flashes the same way.

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What Every Babysitter Should Know

This award-winning course teaches the skills necessary to care for infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers. It emphasizes safety, dealing with emergencies, and first aid basics. Course materials include a student activity book, a certificate suitable for framing, and a wallet-size certificate.

What Every Babysitter Should Know is the creation of a team of child care professionals and trained babysitters—St. John Ambulance instructors, veteran 16-year-old babysitters, 12-year-old rookie babysitters, and moms and dads.
The course takes 6 ½ hours and the informal sessions are designed to be entertaining and educational. Hands-on practice will help build confidence. Our great handbook makes learning fun.

Mar 19, 9:00am – 4:00am

local St. John Ambulance office

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Greg Frewin Magician of the Year

Magician of the year, The Greg Frewin Theatre in Niagara Falls

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Niagara Falls USA a place of beauty, peace, and poverty

This documentary was filmed to show that although people think Niagara Falls USA is a beautiful place, not many people know of the problems that lie right outside the falls. Poverty, drugs, crime, prostitution, and many more issues are daily problems. Although all of these problems exist, there are lots of great organizations that are looking to make changes in the area. Places like The Hana House, Community Missions, and Heart Love & Soul as well as many more, are all teaming up to make the city of Niagara Falls a place of peace and serenity. Niagara Falls once was a thriving city full of hope, and these organizations are helping bring that hope back to the city.

Video by: David Wilhelm ; Co-producer Mansha Pasha

Miss Teen Niagara

30 finalists will compete at the title of Miss Teen Niagara at Seneca Theatre Niagara Falls in April.

It is the preliminary to Miss Teen Canada World Pageant, contestants ranging from ages 13 to 19 may apply.

Categories judged on personal interview, evening gown, swimwear, charity contribution, public speaking and photogenic appeal.

For an application please visit Miss Teen Canada World or call 905-354-5475.

Bob Gale Joins Whistle Blowing Advisory Board
OTTAWA, March 10, 2010 – The Federal Accountability Initiative for Reform (FAIR), Canada’s whistleblower charity, is pleased to announce the appointment of Niagara Parks Commission whistleblower Bob Gale to its Advisory Board.

“I’m proud to be a part of what FAIR is trying to accomplish.” said Gale. “Employees are often the first to know about wrongdoing that threatens the public interest, but in Canada, as I found out, there is little to protect them if they speak out. We need to correct this absurd situation and I’m confident that we will.” more…

Ted Salci Goes Down Water Slide

Ted Salci goes down a water slide at the Indoor Water Park on Breakfast Television