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Incredibly Fast Elevator at Embassy Suites

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Pothole Protest

A couple guys hit the street to make the community aware of the pothole problem in Niagara Falls, NY.

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A Nice Collection of Old Photos

A nice collection of old photos from the Niagara area presented by

Best Travel Story Contest

Whether it’s good or bad, funny or sad, tell us about the vacation you had. The most entertaining story about a past vacation will win the contest.

  • The story can be anything under the sun as long as it’s related to a past travel experience anywhere in the world.
  • Please keep your stories to the point. If you ramble on about boring details that really have nothing to do with the actual story, your comment will either be shortened or disqualified altogether.
  • The administrators will select 3 of their favourite stories and put them up for a vote to all users. Take a look at our Stupid Questions Contest to see how this voting system worked for us in the past.
  • Write your stories in the comment section of this posting.
  • Must provide your real name and email address so we can contact you if needed.
  • Contest closes April 30, 2009 **VOTING HAS BEGUN**
  • The winner will receive a free tour of Niagara Falls and area, departing from the city of Toronto. Prize must be redeemed before March 30, 2010. For tour details, please visit

    Good luck.