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Truck Flips Over on QEW at Thorold Stone Road

Stag and Doe Dance Off

The Garden Cityscape

A short montage of photos and videos made by Peter Nesmith.

Trailer for the 1953 Movie “Niagara”

Rose and George Loomis are vacationing in a bungalow at Niagara Falls. Their relationship is getting worse and worse. They met the Cuttlers, spending a late honeymoon in the next bungalow. By accident, Polly Cuttler discovers that Rose has a lover. But what she is not aware of is that Rose and her lover intend to attract George in the falls to murder him. Staring Marilyn Monroe, Joesph Cotten and Jean Peters.

Casino Summer Time Lapse

Also see: Casino Winter Time Lapse

This time lapse video shows both the Skylon Tower and the Casino.

Bizarro Niagara Falls

Here is how Niagara Falls would look if the American Falls was on the Canadian side. This amateur film was shot around 1947/48 from Canada. The film was put in backwards which makes the falls look a little odd.

American Falls Backwards

Campus Creeper

A short student film from Brock University.

Happy Birthday Pen Centre #3

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Happy Birthday Pen Centre #1
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Jonas Brothers Come Out of the Closet