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Residents Will Get Sidewalks They Don’t Want

From the Standard:

“Subdivisions are for people, not cars, St. Catharines councillors decided, voting to deny a request from a small Merritton neighbourhood to delete sidewalks on two streets.

A petition from 35 residents of Marshall Lane and Bluegrass Crescent — two new streets off Moffat Street near Disher Street — asked that the sidewalks proposed for their neighbourhood not be built.

Melissa Bourque, who submitted the petition, said the garages in the neighbourhood are too small to fit most large cars or pickup trucks.

If sidewalks are added, the driveways will not be long enough to fit two vehicles end-to-end without blocking the sidewalk, she wrote.

The space between driveways is so small that few vehicles can park on the street, and winter will only make it worse, she wrote, with piles of snow clogging the streets.”

Marineland’s Loud Mouth Fish

Here is a video someone posted on YouTube of a Loud Mouth fish at Marineland.

Canada Geese Living at Mall

Pen Centre 50th Anniversary

From the Standard:

Pen Centre is gearing up for a big bash next Saturday to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

The south St. Catharines mega-mall is hosting festivities from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. inside the mall’s Sears Court.

Stair Toss at Brock University

Here is another video of students tossing people down a set of stairs in a garbage can, this time at the residence of Brock University.

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No Frills Parking Lot Cruise Night 2008