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Clifton Hill Execution

This new attraction on Clifton Hill allows tourists to execute a realistic looking dummy for $2.

Toronto Explosion

Amature footage of the Toronto Sunrise Propane Depot exploding.

Film Student Wins Video Contest

Also see: Welland Is Home – A post that features Scott Armstrong’s “What Welland Means To Me.”

Knowing his own community and being able to express it in film has paid off for Scott Armstrong.

The lifelong Wellander is the winner of $500 cash and a $1,000 Niagara College scholarship for his film titled What Welland Means To Me.

As part of the city’s 150th anniversary celebrations, the anniversary planning committee, in partnership with Niagara College broadcasting program, 91.7 Giant FM and The Tribune, in May launched a contest for aspiring young filmmakers.

Titled Through the Lens of Welland, the contest was open to all residents of Welland, as well as 2007-08 registered Niagara College or secondary school exchange students, 16 years of age or older.

Candidates were asked to submit a five-minute dramatic-or documentary-style film in DVD format based on the theme What Welland Means To Me.

Armstrong is a student in the broadcasting program at Niagara College. He found out about the contest through his film teacher, Andrew Stevenson.

“When I saw the details of the contest, I knew right away that I was going for it,” said Armstrong. “Having lived in Welland my whole life, I felt I could come up with some original ideas.”

Continue reading from source at the Welland Tribune

Diving Dog from Welland on David Letterman

Here is a clip from the Late Show with David Letterman of the dock diving dog Forrest Gumpy.

This is a clip of fully-clothed Seth Rogen trying to jump further than the dogs did.

Who Killed Niagara Falls?

Funny tourist commentary about water falling to it’s death.

Happy Birthday Welland

Here are a couple videos from Welland’s 150th Birthday celebration.
Also see: Welland Celebrates 150th Birthday

Brock Plaza Time Lapse

Time lapse of the construction of the Brock Plaza in St. Catharines, Ontario

30th Anniversary of Love Canal Chemical Disaster

A local activist will be returning to her roots to mark the 30th anniversary of one of the worst environmental disasters in local history.

After 30 years she’s still at it. Housewife turned environmental activist Lois Gibbs is still fighting for the former residents of Love Canal.

Here is some old news footage from the disaster.

Hungry Snake at Marineland Niagara Falls

A snake eats a toad as the crowd grows near the killer whale tank at Marineland.

Street Pharmacy Play on Welland Bridge

Local band Street Pharmacy closed down the Welland bridge to shoot their first music video.

British Warship Discovered in Lake Ontario

Underwater video of the HMS Ontario which sank in a storm shortly after leaving Fort Niagara in 1780. Read all about this ship on Wikipedia.

Carnivores Converge on Montebello Park for Rib Fest

From the St. Catharines Standard:

The irony of it all wasn’t lost on Lisa Raham.

The poster boards featuring the pink outline of a human with a big heart, advertising the Niagara Health System’s new cardiac catheterization centre planned for the yet-to-be-built hospital in west St. Catharines, while just down the hill in Montebello Park, a handful of grills offered up all the makings of a heart attack in a styrofoam container.

“We sort of laughed about at our committee meeting,” said Raham, a member of the Maycourt Club of St. Catharines, which is fundraising for the cardiac catheterization centre at the eighth annual Rotary Rib Fest this weekend. “People need to be aware of it. I don’t think it’s going to stop anyone from eating ribs.”

Least of all, her.

With little more than an hour to go before her volunteer shift ended at the booth greeting the carnivorous crowd at Rib Fest’s main entrance, Raham’s mouth was already watering in anticipation of partaking in the meat extravaganza.

“I’m here for a good time, not a long time so I’m ready to eat some ribs,” she said with a laugh.

And then eat some more, if you’re Rob Mittag and fellow Rib Fester Brian Waterhouse.

As Mittag sucked the meat off the last in rack of pork ribs from Billy Bones, a line of barbecue sauce coating the tips of his moustache hair like a paint brush, he and Waterhouse started planning their next meal.