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Welland Tornado

Tornado touches down in Welland on Tuesday evening. Here is some video captured of the storm.

Bon Jovi 1994 Niagara Falls Performance

Bon Jovi performs Always live in front of Niagara Falls in 1994.

Historical Ghost Walking Tours

October 16 to 30, 2008
Enjoy a guided tour through historical and haunted buildings in downtown St Catharines. Get in the ‘spirit’ this Halloween season by experiencing the fright and delight of past and present hauntings. Tickets are reasonably priced and must be reserved in advance. For more info call 905-685-8424.

Event found at Inside Niagara

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Rubik’s Cube Solved on Maid of the Mist

It’s windy and wet, but this guy manages to solve a Rubik’s Cube while the Maid of the Mist passes by Niagara Falls.

Welland Is Home

A short film made by a Wellander to be entered into a contest.

Local Man Charged After Ferrari Urination

Two weeks ago we posted a video entitled Guy Pees on a Ferrari at Pen Centre. Since then, the young man seen urinating in the video, has been charge by Niagara Regional Police. He has also been stalked by several angry Ferrari owners and sympathizers.

Here is a parody video about the incident.

Partial Collapse of the Garden City Skyway in St. Catharines

Old home movie of an amazing rescue on the Garden City Skyway after a partial collapse.

Bill and Hillary in Bad Boy Commercial

An old Bad Boy furniture commercial featuring Bill and Hillary Clinton?

The truth according to Wikipedia:
In 1993, Lastman saw Clinton impersonator Tim Waters on television, and shortly afterwards contacted him and arranged for a commercial to be shot. The commercial featured Waters dressed as Clinton delivering the classic Nooobody! line.

While merely a mildly amusing commercial to most of the viewing public, Lastman’s move did attract some attention, as he soon received a letter from the White House requesting that he “cease and desist all unauthorized use of the likeness of the President of the United States of America in advertising of commercial services and products”.

Lastman refused to stop airing the commercials, and even produced several more, featuring both Waters and a Hillary Clinton impersonator. “Last time I checked,” he later said, “this was Canada, not the 51st state.”

Jackie Chan Wannabe

This guy tries to impersonate his favourite Jackie Chan movie.

Fort Erie Photos

Here is a nice collection of Fort Erie photos I stumbled upon today. Take a look.
Trish’s Photos of Fort Erie

Welland Celebrates 150th Birthday

It’s a birthday wish that’s finally coming true: Welland’s Main Street Bridge will light up the sky Wednesday evening in recognition of the city’s 150th anniversary.

People are invited to Merritt Park to see the bridge light up at 9:30 p. m.

The idea of lighting up the bridge has been tossed around for years and was attempted a number of years ago, but the lighting then didn’t do it justice, said John Mastroianni, chairman of Heritage Welland.

But this year it has come to fruition with a $30,000 lighting investment from Niagara Region to draw attention to the bridge towers.

Welland Regional Coun. George Marshall said there was an attempt to take the towers down after the bridge became the Region’s responsibility. It may have been cheaper to do so, Marshall said, but it is such a landmark for the city that the towers are still standing.

The bridge was designated a historical landmark by Heritage Welland (formerly the Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee), and has been undergoing major renovations since 2006.

The bridge was built between 1927 and 1930, during the construction of the Fourth Welland Canal and was one of the three largest vertical lift bridges on the canal.

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Raging Rapids Promo Video

From helicopter and speedboat, at high-tech labs and at rope’s end, we join earth scientists as they struggle to piece together the epic life story of North America’s most celebrated natural wonder. We experience the Falls that daredevils and stunters could never tame — the Niagara that is a vertical battleground between water and rock.

Niagara Falls Houdini Film

This is one of Houdini’s films, set at Niagara Falls.

Large Turtle at Jaycee Gardens

Here is one mother of a turtle taped at Jaycee Gardens in St. Catharines.

Daredevil Days Promo Video

Tourist not happy with Coke Store

Drunken Fight in Fort Erie

Clip from Travel Video

Here is a clip from a travel video featuring Wine Country and Port Dalhousie

Dean Sullivan Promo Video

Niagara Falls Canada Day Parade

Some footage of Mickey and Minnie Mouse at this year’s Canada Day parade in Niagara Falls.