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Free Water Filters

From the Welland Tribune:

Niagara Region is assisting low-income families by providing free water filters for households which may have elevated lead levels in drinking water.

The region is responsible for the delivery of a provincial program which provides funding for the purchase of tap-mounted filters that will remove lead from water.

In Niagara last year, St. Catharines and Welland were identified as having elevated lead levels, when Ontario’s chief drinking water inspector issued orders to 36 municipalities to conduct immediate drinking water tests for lead in older homes.

In response to a Ministry of the Environment initiative, the Ministry of Community and Social Services developed a water filter fund for eligible homes.

Niagara Region’s community services department is making the fund accessible to eligible residents in all Niagara municipalities.

Houses or apartments built before 1960 may have a lead water service – the pipe that brings the water into the building from the watermain. Lead from the pipe may get into the water.

Lead can be harmful if too much is consumed. Pregnant women and young children are most at risk for adverse health effects from exposure.

To be eligible for a free tap-mounted filter system, a resident of Niagara must live in a house or apartment building built before 1960.

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