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Marineland Deer Swarming

A tourist gets swarmed by hungry deer at Marineland.

Picnic Table Crash

The lesson to be learned is to never attempt to jump a picnic table when the grass is wet.

Grand Opera House Fire

43-45-47-49-51 Ontario Street, St. Catharines, Ontario
This row of shops on Ontario St., known as the Grand Opera House, was also home to a broker and a print shop. Access to the Opera House theatre could be made by walking down a long entrance through 47 Ontario Street. The theatre opened in 1877 and had had several fires before it was demolished in 1998. Here is some video footage of the most recent fire at the location.

You Suck Welland

Here is a girl that is not too happy about her recent visit to Welland.

Happy Rolphs Petting Zoo 2008

It’s only May and Happy Rolph’s Bird Sanctuary is already flooded with people and the animals seem too full to eat any pellets.

Spirits and Death Book Promo Video

This is a promotional video for the book Spirits and Death in Niagara by Marcy Italiano. This video features a song by Giasone Italiano entitled “The Ballad of Colin Swayze”.

Kelly Clarkson Makes a Trip to Niagara Falls

The Price is Wrong

What was this woman thinking?

Suspicious “Cookie” Found in Niagara Falls

On May 20th, 2008, a Niagara Falls resident discovered a “cookie like” object on a paved walkway that runs through a Niagara Falls park. The object was broken open, and it was discovered that a number of sewing needles had been placed within the “cookie”.

The finding of such an object is considered suspicious and the public is encouraged to contact police immediately if such a discovery is made.
Cookie like object with needles found in Niagara Falls park

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Teddy Bear Collectible Show

Jun 2, 2008 at the Best Western Cairn Croft Hotel in Niagara Falls. The show and sale will feature the work of teddy bear artists from Canada and the United States. Many of the exhibitors are award-winning artists featuring their own unique designs. Collectors will have an opportunity to adopt some valuable bears. The show will also feature exhibitors selling bear making supplies and other teddy bear collectible items such as books, figurines, etc.
For more information visit The Niagara Directory

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Buggin Bob in Fort Erie Part 2

Pink Floyd Niagara Promo Video

Scrape by the Lake 2006

A Lowrider show from 2006 in St. Catharines

Ridley College Student Video

This Ridley College student makes a 1 minute video about himself for his Media Arts class.

Wrong-way Crash on QEW

From the St. Catharines Standard:

Police say tragedy was narrowly averted early Monday when a driver heading the wrong way on the QEW in St. Catharines smashed head-on into another vehicle.

Both drivers suffered only minor injuries, Ontario Provincial Police said.

“There was huge potential for injury and huge potential for death,” OPP spokesman Const. Graham Williamson said.

Williamson credited the reduced speed limit of 80 km/h through the QEW construction zone with helping to keep injuries to a minimum.

Police said officers were already responding to a report of a wrong-way driver on Highway 406 at about 6:20 a.m. when the crash occurred.

Just before police arrived, the wrong-way vehicle entered the Toronto-bound lanes of the QEW going the opposite direction and collided head-on with a minivan between Lake and Niagara streets.

The minivan driver, a 49-year-old St. Catharines man, suffered minor injuries, but didn’t require treatment at hospital.

The driver of the wrong-way car, a 24-year-old St. Catharines man, has been charged with impaired driving. He was taken to St. Catharines General Hospital with minor injuries.

Police couldn’t provide details about how the driver ended up going the wrong way on both highways.

Both drivers were alone in their vehicles.

The name of the arrested driver won’t be released until his charge goes before the court, Williamson said. The name of the second driver was not released by police.

Continue reading at St. Catharines Standard

Kids Scream at Tourists in Niagara Falls

These kids scream at other tourists just to get a reaction while at Journey behind the Falls.

Niagara’s Fury Promo Video

Here is just one of the many promo videos for the new Niagara’s Fury attraction located at Table Rock.

Seneca Casino Road Rage

Underwater Robots Set to Probe Local Wrecks

From the St. Catharines Standard:

A St. Catharines company will help marine archeologists conduct a detailed survey this week of two War of 1812 schooners sunk near Port Dalhousie.

The five-day expedition set out Sunday night and will map and photograph the wrecks of the Hamilton and the Scourge, two American schooners that sank during an 1813 storm on Lake Ontario.

The survey is headed by the City of Hamilton, but has plenty of help, including the HMCS Kingston, Parks Canada, the coast guard and Garden City-based ASI Group (Aquatic Sciences Inc.).

“We’re pretty excited about it. We’ve been helping the City of Hamilton out on this for a few years,” said Carmen Sferrazza, who founded Aquatic Sciences in 1987.

“We’re looking forward to finally getting out there.”

The company has for years monitored the area around the ships, owned by the City of Hamilton but protected as a national historic marine site, with sophisticated radar equipment.

For the detailed survey — the first in a decade — archeologists will take advantage of the company’s hi-tech Remotely Operated Vehicles to get a close look at the wrecks.

“I call them underwater robots,” said Gill Bibby, chairman of the Hamilton-Scourge Society.

“It’s great technology, it should help us get a clear look at these vessels, which is what we need.”

The survey is necessary to figure out what the City of Hamilton can do, if anything, to look after the wrecks in the future, Bibby said.

Proposals to lift the ships abounded in the ‘80s and ‘90s, said Bibby, but he suggested cost and the uncertain state of the wrecks “have pretty much made that a no-go situation.”

Continue at the St. Catharines Standard

Buggin Bob in Fort Erie Part 1