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Cops Get Mad That They Were Being Taped

This mans friend tells him that he saw police cruisers doing donuts in the street out front. He goes outside to tape it and the cops get mad at him for taping them. They try and scare him into giving them the camera but he won’t budge.

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Fireworks As Seen From The U.S. Side

Here is the summer firework display seen from the U.S. side of the border.

You Asked About Hopkins Tomb In Wainfleet

Ever wonder what the story is behind Hopkins Tomb? Most of us have heard the urban legends, but is any of it true? Here is a “You Asked” segment from CHCH news at the Oakwood Cemetery in Wainfleet, Ontario.

Hotel Glasses Are Not Being Cleaned Properly

Niagara Falls New Years Eve Celebration

Ring in the New Year at Canada’s largest New Year’s Eve Party! Join the crowd as we celebrate in hardy Canadian fashion with an outdoor concert held in Queen Victoria Park, along the Niagara Parkway, with the spectacular Niagara Falls as its backdrop. Dance the night away to fantastic music; be dazzled by fireworks and give the ones you love a midnight kiss at Canada’s greatest New Years Eve event. This year’s music lineup includes Dennis DeYoung (founding member of Styx), Loverboy and Honeymoon Suite.

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New Years Eve In Grimsby

On Monday December 31, 2007 starting at 8:00 pm visit the Peach King Center for free New Year’s Eve Skating from 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm with more celebrations to take place at the Grimsby Museum from 11:00 pm to shortly after midnight.

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Don’t Mess With Santa

Two guys trying to do happy slapping on poor Santa Claus, but then something goes wrong.

Freestyles Outside Of L3

Some guys freestylin outside L3 in St.Catharines.

Man Stands At Waters Edge To Niagara Falls


Search Continues For Man With Gun

Clipped From The Welland Tribune

Niagara Regional Police are continuing their search for a gunman who entered an apartment building at 675 King St. Monday morning.

And they’re asking for the community’s help in identifying the suspect, who narrowly escaped the police officers who responded, Det. Brian Smith told The Tribune, Tuesday.

Police were called to the building at 6:40 a.m., after a man who was standing in the building’s doorway waiting for a ride to work saw the six-foot tal gunman standing at the top of the stairs, wearing a dark-coloured snow suit, and a dark ski-mask.

Smith said police responded within “seconds” of the call. But it wasn’t fast enough.

“Basically what happened was the police were coming from across the road towards the building, while (the suspect) was coming out the back door,” he said.

Uniformed officers and officers from the NRP’s tactical and canine units “conducted a good search” of the area. They didn’t located the suspect but they did find his guns.

“Behind the residence, in between some garages, we located both of the firearms. He tossed them when he was running away,” Smith said. “They were both pellet guns, but they were extremely realistic looking.”

Smith pointed out that although the pellet guns weren’t as deadly as a real firearm, they could have proved deadly to the suspect carrying them.

“If our SWAT guys who went into that residence had seen him with one of those guns they would have shot him,” Smith said.

Smith was surprised the dogs of the canine unit didn’t have more success in tracking down the suspect.

“I guess it’s because so many police flooded the area. We confused the dogs,” he said. “Normally, what we would do is establish a wider perimeter before the dogs are called in.”


Tensions Build At A Protest In Fort Erie

Food and Service workers at the Fort Erie Slots learn about collective action ‘on the job’ as they stage their first-ever picket line. The video is a few years old but demonstrates persistence from both sides.

A Very Cold Swim At The AAAA Motel

Two drunken fools think it’s a great idea to go swimming on New Years Eve at the AAAA Motel in Niagara Falls, Ontario. The pool water was green but that didn’t stop Andy from winning the race.

Armed Person Investigation In Welland

NRPS Media Release

On Monday December 10, 2007 at approximately 6:40 a.m. members from the Niagara Regional Police Service were notified by a witness, that a male believed to be armed with a handgun had entered into the apartment building at 675 King Street in Welland.

The suspect was described as male, 6’0”, wearing a full, dark-coloured snowmobile suit, and a dark balaclava. It was believed that the male was carrying a handgun.

Officers attended the area and established a perimeter around the building and contacted Emergency Services personnel.

Members from the Emergency Services Unit, Canine Unit and Niagara Regional Police Service
Negotiators attended the area. Emergency Services officers conducted a search of the building in an effort to locate the suspect. The search yielded negative results. While the search was being organized and conducted, a portion of King Street near Ontario Road was closed to vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Upon the conclusion of the search the roadways were reopened, shortly after 9:00 a.m.

Members of the 3-District Criminal Investigations Branch will continue to investigate the matter.

Anyone with information regarding the matter is encouraged to contact the 3-District Criminal Investigations Branch at 905 688 4111 extension 3320 or Crime Stoppers at 1800 222 TIPS.

Has This PSA Gone Too Far?

This Public Service Announcement by The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario has been pulled from some television stations. It does get the message across but can be found to be a little graphic. You be the judge.

Niagara’s Lost Town of St.John’s

The story of St.John’s vanished village of the Short Hills, has been told by a famous writer, the late Louis Black Duff, who established a summer home on the site. First to spy out the land was Benjamin Canby, from Pennsylvania. He was only interested in water power, so soon disposed of his holding to Hon. Robert Hamilton, whose executors sold it to John Street, who belonged to a well-known family of millers. He put the streams to work in 1817 and laid out a village site, which he called St.John’s. It became the most important industrial centre in the Niagara district. By the middle 1820s, St.John’s had outstripped all rivals. St.Johns was situated in the township of Thorold, two and a half miles north of Fonthill. At that time St.Catharines was merely Shipman’s Corners and Niagara Falls a one-mill hamlet. Thorold, Welland, Merritton and Port Colborne were unborn.

St.John;s was located on a beautiful spring creek. The village reached its peak of prosperity about 1840, when it had a Wesleyan Methodist church and an Episcopal church, a large hotel, several stores, tannery, carriage works, sawmills, grist mills and several woolen mills. At one time the village had five grist mills.

The Welland Canal feeder stimulated the growth of Welland and started the decline of St.John’s. Population dwindled to about twenty or thirty houses. Eventually both churches were torn down, leaving only uncared for cemeteries. Another cause for decline was the introduction of steam engines. The introduction of electricity finished the chaotic ruin of St.John’s. The population of the village at peak in 1849 was 150, not very large for so much business.

Fun with an Air Horn #2

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Crazy Snowboarding Around North Welland

There’s 3 segments to the video. I personally like the 2nd and 3rd segments the best.

A History Of Niagara’s First Public Hanging

The first such execution by public hanging on record in the Niagara peninsula took place outside the jail in Niagara-on-the-Lake on Monday morning, August 17, 1801, only twenty years almost to the day after the establishment of the settlement. On that day, Mary London-Osborne and George Nemiers were executed together for the murder by poison of Bartholomew London of Saltfleet.

London was among the first settlers to come into the Niagara region. Leaving a wife and children behind in Redstone, Pennsylvania, he cleared a track of land in Saltfleet and farmed it by himself for several years without apparently contacting his family back on the original homestead.

Global Warming Put In Prospective

This video goes over the consequences of each decision we make, whether you believe that Global Warming exists or not.

Skateboarders Argue With Pedestrian In NOTL

Pedestrian in Niagara-On-The-Lake yells at kids to stakeboard somewhere else.