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Up Close And Personal With A Cute Chipmunk


4 Arrested For Defrauding An Elderly Man

NRPS Media Release

Four Welland area residents allegedly took advantage of the charity of an elderly gentleman by defrauding him for over $9000.00 over a three-week period. The gentleman was asked to loan money to a single mother who could not afford to pay medical related expenses or provide necessities for her children. He was told that he would be paid the money back.

The gentleman and his family became suspicious and reported the incident to the Niagara Regional Police. The police investigation revealed that the dire and desperate stories told to this gentleman were not true. Lies were used to take advantage of an elderly person’s compassion and generosity. None of the loan was repaid.

Charged with one count of Fraud Over $5000.00:

• Lynne MAY, 45 years old of Welland
• Charles CRABBE, 54 years old of Welland
• Jody MAY, 26 years old of Welland
• Shannon BISSON, 32 years of Welland

The four accused parties are to appear in Welland Court on February 15, 2008.

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Soccer Player Chokes Opponent At Brock University

Tempers flare at a Brock University Soccer game. One player grabs the other by the throat.

What Will Be Open And Closed On New Year’s Day

With the arrival of 2008 comes the closure of a number of businesses and services on Tuesday, New Year’s Day. Many will also close earlier than normal on New Year’s Eve.

Here’s how things look in Niagara on Jan. 1
Beer and liquor stores: closed
Banks: closed
Stores: most retailers and grocery stores closed
Mail: no delivery and offices closed
Government: Welland and Port Colborne city halls, Pelham town hall and Wainfleet township hall remain closed until Jan. 2; regional offices closed Dec. 31 and Jan. 1. Other offices are unknown at this time.
Libraries: closed New Year’s Day
Garbage/recycling: collection delayed by one day for the week effective starting New Year’s Day; regular Monday collection.
Newspapers: no paper New Year’s Day and offices are closed

Human Beat Box Along Niagara Falls


Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnancy Interview

Jamie Lynn Spears gives her first interview since her pregnancy was leaked!

Tourist Wins At Casino Niagara

This tourist brags about winning a couple hundred dollars at Casino Niagara in Niagara Falls.

2007 Boxing Day Disappointments

I decided to check out the boxing day sales today.

First I went to the Pen Centre and there was not really any good sales this year on clothing at all. Most of the clothing stores were only giving discounts if you purchased 2 items or more. The most common sale I saw was buy 2 get 1 free.  Apparently the customer who only buys one item is not important.

I then ventured over to Chapters to see if I could spend my money there instead. They were offering 30% off.  I grabbed 3 books that I have been waiting to purchase on boxing day, got up to the check out and was told the sale was only on hard cover books. That’s right – full price for all of these books.

Since I was at the Fairview Mall, I wondered out to Mark’s Work Warehouse to look at winter jackets. There was a sign that said $45 off winter jackets. Great! I picked 1 out that was originally $100 and I was told that the sale was not on that coat, only the others.

All in all, I spent $223 and saved $0 on Boxing Day. What happened to the days when there were actually decent Boxing Day sales. The only place that didn’t let me down was Wal-Mart. They always come through with great discounts which is why they will probably be the last store left standing in about 40 years.

A Stoned Crew Member Shows Us The Welland Canal Part 2

Here he is again attempting to edit the last video while making sure all the weed is smoked before docking in Cleveland. You never actually see this guy doing any work while on the ship. Where is his boss?
Also see Stoned Crew Member Part 1

Aftermath Of Roehampton Fire In St.Catharines

Here is some video footage of the major Roehampton apartment fire back in September. The fire was under control by this time.

Gas Bar Clerk Attacked For Money And Smokes

A male clerk inside the Petro Canada gas bar on Bunting Road in St. Catharines was attacked around 1:30 a.m. Christmas Day by a man who stole cash and cigarettes.

Police say the suspect kicked, punched and choked the clerk, before fleeing south on foot on Bunting Road.

The clerk was taken to hospital where he was treated for head injuries. He is expected to be released today.

The suspect is described as white, in his mid-20s, about five feet six inches tall. He has short dark hair and was clean-shaven. He was wearing a hooded black winter coat and dark pants. Article clipped from Standard.

Shrinking Mill In Port Colborne Ontario

As you drive closer to the mill, it actually seems to move further away! An incredible optical illusion, located in Port Colborne on the shores of Lake Erie.

A Stoned Crew Member Shows Us The Welland Canal Part 1

Here is a video made by one of the crew on a ship moving through the Welland Canal. He gets high and shows us around a bit.

Boxing Day: A Canadian Tradition

According to Wikipedia, there are several origins to the meaning of Boxing Day. Below are a couple of my favourites.

Because the staff had to work on such an important day as Christmas by serving the master of the house and their family, they were given the following day off. As servants were kept away from their own families to work on a traditional religious holiday and were not able to celebrate Christmas Dinner, the customary benefit was to “box” up the leftover food from Christmas Day and send it away with the servants and their families. (Similarly, as the servants had the 26th off, the owners of the manor may have had to serve themselves pre-prepared, boxed food for that one day.) Hence the “boxing” of food became “Boxing Day”.

In churches, it was traditional to open the church’s donation box on Christmas Day, and the money in the donation box was to be distributed to the poorer or lower class citizens on the next day. In this case, the “box” in “Boxing Day” comes from that lockbox in which the donations were left.

In Canada, Boxing Day is observed as a holiday, except (in some cases) for those in the retail business. Boxing Day and the days immediately following are when many retail stores sell their Christmas and retired model products by holding clearance sales. Some shoppers will line up for hours at night (sometimes before midnight and after midnight on December 26) for retailers to open their doors. Except in Quebec, retailers often open their stores earlier than usual, such as 6 or 7 am. Some retail companies internally refer to the sales week after Christmas as the “thirteenth month.” It is similar to Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, in the United States. Boxing Day 2005 was the single largest economic transaction day ever in the history of Canadian commerce (according to Visa). Individual big box stores can even gross over CAD$1,000,000 on one single Boxing Day.

As an exception, most retail stores are not permitted to open on Boxing Day in Atlantic Canada, nor in some Ontario communities. (The Nova Scotia government eliminated its ban on Boxing Day openings in 2006; however, most retailers voluntarily remained closed. The ban was reinstated in 2007.) In these areas, most stores offer the same specials on December 27 that they would offer elsewhere on the 26th. This distinction is not well known in central and western Canada.

In Alberta, employers have a choice of giving their employees the day off on either Boxing Day or Remembrance Day, which falls in November.

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Crazy Guy At The St.Catharines Library

This guy yells at some kids out in front of the St. Catharines Library after he thought they were Taliban Weed Dealers. The first 5 minutes is hard to make out because the sun is blinding the camera, but it does clear up after that.

Police Search For Missing Man

On Wednesday, December 19, 2007 at approximately 6:30 P.M., Cameron McKerrow, 40 years, was reported missing by his wife. Cameron suffers from epilepsy, is blind in one eye, suffers from a past stroke and walks with a limp.

Cameron McKerrow is described as a First Nations male, approximately 5’11”, 200 lbs, with a full salt and pepper beard and partially balding black hair. He was seen wearing a black leather jacket, camouflage cargo pants, black ball cap with feathers, white running shoes and glasses.

Police are concerned for the welfare of Mr. McKerrow and if sighted please direct phone calls to the Niagara Falls Front Desk, 905 688-4111 ext. 2200.

Giant Snow Castle In Welland

Two students spend the entire night building a giant snow castle on their First Avenue lawn.
Huge Snow Castle In Welland OntarioStudents build castle out of snow on first avenue in Welland Ontario

Teen Gets Pushed Into Chess Game At Pen Centre

One teen pushes the other into the giant chess game being played in the Pen Centre Mall.

Animals Go Over Niagara Falls For Entertainment

Below is an advertisement that began to appear in August of 1827 for an event where ferocious animals, such as panthers and bears, would go over the falls in a cargo vessel. This is word for word, directly from the posters that hung in Niagara Falls so many years ago.

A cargo of ferocious animals will pass the great rapids and the falls of NIAGARA 8th September, 1827, at 3 o’clock
The first passage of a vessel of the largest class which sails on Erie and the Upper Lakes, through the Great Rapids, and over the stupendous precipice at Niagara Falls, it is proposed to effect, on the 8th of September next.

The Michigan has long braved the billows of Erie with success, as a merchant vessel; but having been condemned by her owners as unfit to sail longer proudly “above” her present proprietors, together with several publick spirited friends, have have appointed her to convey a cargo of Living Animals of the Forests, which surround the Upper Lakes, through the white tossing, and the deep rolling rapids of the Niagara, and down its grand precipice, into the basin “below”.

The greatest exertions are making to procure Animals of the most ferocious kind, such as Panthers, Wild Cats, Bears, and Wolves; but in lieu of some of these, which it may be impossible to obtain, a few vicious of worthless Dogs, such as may process considerable strength and activity, and perhaps a few of the toughest of the Lesser Animals, will be added to, and compose, the cargo.

Crystal Beach Gone But Not Forgotten

Just one of the many stories from the book “Crystal Beach:The Good Old Days” by Erno Rossi

My memories of Crystal Beach Amusement Park can best be described as bittersweet. That which gives the most joy may also give the most sorrow. This was the case of my family’s relationship with the Park. Our story spans most of the 20th century.

I was born in 1926 in Crystal Beach just after the completion of the famous Crystal Ballroom and the infamous Cyclone roller coaster. My American mother Helen and Canadian father Charles had a home within walking distance of the Park. Here they raised sister Ruth, brother Fred and me.

Growing up in Crystal Beach during the first half of century could be compared to a vacation in Disney World for three months of the year. Excitement filled the air. From 11 a.m. until midnight, the clang of the riders, the screams of the riders and the shriek from the whistle of the S.S. Canadiana echoed throughout the village.

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