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2007 Boxing Day Disappointments

I decided to check out the boxing day sales today.

First I went to the Pen Centre and there was not really any good sales this year on clothing at all. Most of the clothing stores were only giving discounts if you purchased 2 items or more. The most common sale I saw was buy 2 get 1 free.  Apparently the customer who only buys one item is not important.

I then ventured over to Chapters to see if I could spend my money there instead. They were offering 30% off.  I grabbed 3 books that I have been waiting to purchase on boxing day, got up to the check out and was told the sale was only on hard cover books. That’s right – full price for all of these books.

Since I was at the Fairview Mall, I wondered out to Mark’s Work Warehouse to look at winter jackets. There was a sign that said $45 off winter jackets. Great! I picked 1 out that was originally $100 and I was told that the sale was not on that coat, only the others.

All in all, I spent $223 and saved $0 on Boxing Day. What happened to the days when there were actually decent Boxing Day sales. The only place that didn’t let me down was Wal-Mart. They always come through with great discounts which is why they will probably be the last store left standing in about 40 years.

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