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12 People Suffer From A Heart Attack Per Day In Welland

Clipped From The Welland Tribune Newspaper

On a typical day at Welland hospital, 12 people will be admitted with heart attacks, another three for stroke.

The staggering statistics were presented in council chambers Tuesday night by Paul Federici, a Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario volunteer who provided an update on his organization’s activities – and just prior to politicians declaring next February Heart Month in the city of Welland.

Federici said heart and stroke illness is still the No. 1 cause of death in Canada, but the foundation has made significant strides in reducing the death toll over its 50 years.

Since the foundation was established, the death rate has dropped 75 per cent, he said.

Today the foundation funds 450 research teams.

Locally, it is now looking for donors that can make it possible for public defibrillators to be available at places including South Niagara Rowing Club, Welland Curling Club and at Welland Ball Hockey International facilities at Niagara College.

Federici said the foundation is also looking for people to tell their heart- and stroke-related stories, which can be submitted by e-mail to

Wilf Hill, who beat the odds following a successful triple bypass operation, urged politicians to be community leaders and drum up Heart and Stroke Foundation volunteers and raise awareness of its activities.

When the foundation conducts its late-winter canvass, it will need 1,500 people to go to area front doors. Volunteers who can spare four hours of their time can call 905-938-8800.

Following Federici’s presentation, Ward 5 Coun. Mark Dzugan said he could relate to the foundation’s importance, having lost both his parents to massive heart attacks.

Ward 1’s Leo Van Vliet said he, too, could relate, telling bypass patient Hill “I went through it twice myself.”

Van Vliet said he canvasses for the Heart and Stroke Foundation each year, and also urged the community to take up the cause.

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  1. Swami says:

    Good share. only about half of heart attacks were explained by risk factors such as smoking or cholesterol. But now they say that the cause of almost all heart attacks can be pinpointed to one or more of the following:

    Abnormal cholesterol
    High blood pressure
    Abdominal obesity
    Sedentary lifestyle
    Eating too few fruits and vegetables
    Abstaining from alcohol


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